Solutions for Embracing Cell Phones in the Classroom

In this day and age, every time you turn around, you probably see a child with their head down, typing away on their cell phone.  This is becoming common practice, but that doesn’t mean that it is something that we all should accept so easily. After all, there is a time and place for cell phone usage and children need to learn that as soon as they receive their first phone.  

Despite the fact that we tell our children that they cannot use their cell phones at certain times of the day, like while in school, that doesn’t mean that they are going to listen.  Of course, it doesn’t help that some teachers need their students to use their cell phones for certain assignments while in class. If this sounds crazy to you, think about it.

A science teacher may require students to use their cell phones to take pictures for their science labs, while an art teacher might need their students to use a photo from their phone for an art project.  Other teachers may have students use their cell phones to do a little research or to complete quick quizzes using the specific websites that the school uses.

While many teachers will embrace cell phones for those uses, there are other teachers that forbid them to be out during class time.  Students in those classes could receive detention if they have their phones in their hands, although, those teachers will almost always make an exception at certain times of the year as well.  

Since cell phones seem to be creeping into the classroom anyway, there needs to be a solution to keep children off them when they need to be.  After all, you can’t really tell a child that they cannot take their phone to school if they need it for specific classes or projects!

Thankfully, teachers can easily install charging stations in their classrooms to solve the dilemma of having students keeping their cell phones with them at all times.  On the days when the cell phones will not be used, students can easily plug their phones into the charging stations and have them all charged up again for their next class.  

The phones can be easily accessed if they are needed, the students will not be able to use them when they are plugged in, and no student will need to worry that their cell phone will be dead at the end of the school day.  Teachers will love these charging stations too, because they will never need to worry if their students are playing a game on their phone, or texting friends, instead of listening to the lesson of the day.

If you are a teacher, grab a couple of these charging stations for your classroom today and if you are a parent looking for ways to keep your child off their phones while in school, gift a few to the teachers in your child’s life.  Everyone will be happy, the phones will be happy, and learning can still be accomplished!

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