Get the Most Out of Life Without Staying Plugged in 24/7

When was the last time your smartphone was more than a couple of feet from where you were standing, preparing a meal, showering, or sleeping?  If you are like most people, you probably have your phone tucked away into your pant’s pocket or somewhere else on your body.

Now, I am not one to judge, because, well, I’ve done that many times myself!  However, I found that the personal life of many people is not as they want it to be, because they feel compelled to answer every call, email, and text that comes in immediately.  Their family was suffering, their sleep was suffering, and they were suffering!

I understand that most people need their phones to keep up with work, stay in touch with family members, and find the closest coffee shop.  Therefore, I know simply giving up a smartphone completely is never going to happen. It can be difficult to come up with a solution to a problem like this, but thankfully, there is a way to avoid cell phone use throughout the day and night.  

One of the best solutions to 24/7 cell phone use is finding a spot to keep your cell phone, so you can get it away from you.  At first, you may think that you can just set it next to your bed and you will just not touch it until morning. However, that never ends up happening, as you are going to think that you will just check your emails one more time or that you really need to see if your favorite celebrity updated their Instagram page yet again.  

This fabulous charging station is going to completely change what you do with your cell phone when you are not using it.  This charging station can fit almost anywhere, so you can simply plug it into the outlet on your kitchen counter and it will be ready to use.  Yes, you can plug it into an outlet in your bedroom, but that may not help you in the beginning until you get your new routine in place.

Every time that you want to be unplugged, whether it is to spend time with your kids and spouse or to focus on a little downtime for you, you can simply place your phone into the charging station.  Now, while your phone is tucked away, you can charge it, so that it is ready when you need to use it again.

As soon as you put your phone away, you need to walk away and focus on something other than technology for a little bit.  This is good for you, so stay strong and focus on the goal of spending more time with those that you love. After all, the time that we spend with others is definitely more gratifying than the time we have our heads buried into screens!  

The best part about this charging station is that you can use it for any of your devices.  So plug all those iPods and portable gaming units in, so your children can connect with you as much as you are connecting with them.  

This little charging station is going to change your life, as well as how you connect with others, so get it set up today.  You will be amazed at how different your life is with this little change within just a couple hours.

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