3 PACK (6 INCH) Hercules Tuff Short Android Micro-USB Fast Charger Cables for Powerbank, Charging Station

  • $12.99

  • **A FRESH APPROACH!** Instead of using cheap stock images in our listing, we went to the PRO - our photos, as indicated, are taken real life with real objects - so you REALLY get a truthful perspective of what 6 inches look like. Our photos are taken with phones as well as tablets, on charging station and powerbank so you can visually decide what look you would like
  • **UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE!** Unlike other cables that arrive at your doors dead on arrival, or stops working after a week - ours are built to last - they are twisted and bent 5,000 times to test for quality and durability before it passes our rigorous quality control standards - experience the Hercules Tuff difference
  • **PRACTICAL!** Fits easily in your powerbank bag, and easily tucks away in your pocket or tiny zipper compartment in your backpack - the braided nylon materials other cables boast sounds great in theory, but they are very difficult to carry around - our cables are flexible and can softly be tucked away
  • **NO-NONSENSE!** 2.0A charge capability - don't bother with the cables that carries a speed of only 1.0A - that will hold a charge but will take hours to charge a new Galaxy or Iphone smartphone.
  • Perfect 15cm / 6 inch cables, perfect for charging station and power bank. Please note that this length is very aesthetic for charging stations but probably too short to be practical - probably hard to check your phone while using it. However the perfect aesthetic companion if looks is what you're going for. It also reaches the 7" Kindle very well. Please see photographs