No more looking for charging cords!

My kids kept losing their charging cords, misplacing cords, or argue over the cords. So this charging station eliminates all the drama. At night, everything gets charge on this charging station. Problem solved!

I chose the charging station that had 5 usb to micro cords since our children, friends and family have android devices. I am an Apple girl and there is one lighting to usb cable there if I choose to charge my apple devices. (I have my own apple charging station in my bedroom.)

As other reviewers have stated, turn the charging station on and when you plug in your device, the divider lights up. When the divider's light goes off, then your device is charged. This system works great for young children, so they know when the device is fully charged by looking for the glowing blue light.

This system is also great for adults, because we can glance at the divider to see if our device is ready as we leave out of the house.
If you don't care to have a glowing blue light then turn the charging station off. Yes, your device will still charge because the station is plugged into the wall outlet. You will have to check your device's battery status to see if it is fully charge.

I have this charging station in our living room, which allows everyone to charge their devices in one central location.

Great product. I choose this product over similar products due to the blue light indicator for my children. (They have a charging dock for their xbox one controllers; which has a light indicator as well.)

 Finally the cord mess is gone!
This product has been great ! It has finally organized our charging mess. The extra short cords we were able to order from the company are great. Also one small plastic part was missing from our package but the manufacturer was super responsive and got a replacement part Sent to us quickly. They were a pleasure to deal with