Hercules Tuff USB Docking Station | Samsung, Apple & Tablet Dock | 6 Mixed Short Cables included - Iphone, Micro USB, Type C

  • $43.99

  • ➤MOSTLY ANDROID➤ this variation contains 6 short cables (8-inches) as follows: 2x Android (AKA Micro-USB), 2x Apple Lightning Cable, 2x Type C (for newer Android phones such as the Galaxy S8)
  • ➤NO-NONSENSE! ➤ Other multiple charger do not include USB cable which can be a huge problem. Included: all accessories needed - 6 white USB cables 4 Apple 1 Micro USB and 1 USB-C . Each one is the perfect length of 6 inches which will work perfectly even on IPads and any smartphones. Never waste your money buying additional multi USB cords again.
  • ➤UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! ➤ All other models only offer a lightning charge with 2.4A capability in one or two of the ports but our multidevice 6 -port features lightning charge in all 6 ports up to 10A total . Your power hungry electronic tablets and cellphones will charge fast at quick speed
  • ➤NO NONSENSE!➤Our multiport charging station has an Intelligent Chip IC Smart Identification iSmart design so you can charge any device that utilizes a USB cord - bluetooth speakers, PS4 controllers, Fitbit, etc. Your device will never get damaged from short-circuit over-voltage over-current over-charge, also has built in surge protection.

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